Obedience Training

Main Street Veterinary hospital is proud to partner with Toni Stoltz, owner of 4Positive Paws dog training, to provide Obedience Training. Toni is a certified dog trainer through the American Behavior College, a member of the Association of Pet Dog trainers, and a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Classes offered include:

Manners and Obedience Class (5mo+)

This class provided dogs a few moments to play and socialize prior to getting down to the more serious business of attention, manners, and obedience. You will learn how to teach your dog numerous commands including sit, down, stay, walking loosely on a leash, coming when called, and leave it. Help will also be provided on any specific “doggy issues” you may be having (i.e. biting, jumping, house training, fear issues, etc.). Throughout the course we will also play games and learn fun tricks! Puppies (under 1 year of age) that have completed this class are also eligible to be evaluated and tested for the AKC S.T.A.R program.

Canine Good Citizenship Class

Dogs must first complete the Manners and Obedience class in order to enroll. Similar to a finishing school, this class teaches and prepares your dogs to have outstanding manners. Your dog will learn the 10 skills required for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program. On the final day of class, Toni, a licensed CGC evaluator, will evaluate your dog on each skill and grant those who pass a CGC certification.This class is fun, but requires dedication on the part of both owner and pet. In addition to enhancing the bond between you and your dog, CGC certification is required for any dog that is interested in becoming a Therapy dog.

Private Training Sessions

Private sessions are intended for specific behavioral issues that require individual attention. Dates and times can be arranged based on your schedule. Sessions will be held in the convenience of your home. The number of sessions can range from one session to as many as are needed to achieve your individual goals.

More Information

To enroll, or for more information visit 4PositivePaws.com or contact Toni Stoltz, CDT by email at toni@4positivepaws.com or phone at (704) 776-3777.