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Fear-Free Grooming

Jaclyn R., FFCP


pet groomer

Jaclyn excels in caring for our furry friends and is ready to meet all your grooming requirements at Main Street Veterinary Hospital on Mondays & Thursdays!
With a passion for pampering pets, Jaclyn brings over a decade of experience to our salon. Graduating from the Petsmart Grooming Academy in 2010, she's honed her skills and delights in experimenting with different grooming techniques and staying updated on the latest styles.

Jaclyn's grooming heart beats loudest for Schnauzers and Westies, but her compassion extends to elderly dogs, whom she cherishes dearly. As a proud fur mom to seven adorable pups—Canoli, Poptart, Simon, Teddy, Gelato, Pippy, and Chile—she understands the importance of providing love and care to every furry client she meets.

Call or text 704-765-1115 to make an appointment with Jaclyn.

pet groomer

Sarah Y., FFCP


pet groomer

With a passion for making pets look their best, Sarah brings her expertise to the grooming table every Monday and Thursday. A graduate of Animal Behavior College (ABC), she has perfected her skills in pet grooming and understands the finer points of working with different breeds and temperaments.

Sarah's favorite breed is the husky, and she's a proud fur mom to two energetic and lovable huskies, Azula and Bella. Their antics keep her on her toes, and their unique personalities inspire her grooming style. While she enjoys working with all breeds, she has a special fondness for grooming a Golden Retriever's feathers, where she can truly showcase her attention to detail.

In her spare time, Sarah loves exploring the outdoors with her huskies and finding new grooming techniques to keep her clients happy and stylish. Book an appointment with Sarah for a grooming experience that your pet will love and you'll appreciate for its professional touch. She's excited to meet you and your furry family members at Main Street!

Call or text 704-765-1115 to make an appointment with Sarah.

pet groomer
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