Reconnecting with Boonoodle

April 30, 2015

Last weekend Dr Hoe had the amazing opportunity to reconnect with our guide dog in training puppy, Boonoodle. She also met his new blind owner, James.

Boo was raised starting as a 12 week old puppy by Dr Hoe's family from June of 2013 to April of 2014. He spent many days entertaining and providing companionship to us here at Main Street and befriended many of our clients.

James is a Vietnam vet who became blind 10 years ago due to macular degeneration. Boo will be his first guide dog. James is so incredibly sweet and very grateful for Boo. He has plans to travel all over the US with Boo to visit family, play golf and compete in bowling. They have such an amazing bond after only 2 weeks of training! Boo does such an incredible job guiding and protecting James. We are so proud of our little guide dog puppy!

Southeastern Guide Dogs is an amazing institution. Check out the many opportunities to help such as puppy naming, donations, and becoming a puppy raiser.